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Thoreau Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) programs help schools define and support appropriate behaviors by explicitly teaching students about good behaviors and including it as part of the curriculum.  In PBS schools, the staff members act together to set common expectations for both learning and behaviors that support learning.  Using their own data, schools can address specific concerns and use proven practices to address those matters.  The PBS approach reinforces students for exhibiting the correct behavior as it recognizes that success in school is contagious. Outcomes include decreased discipline problems, increased academic achievement and improved school safety.

Thoreau School has adopted a set of beliefs that reflects the school spirit.  These beliefs direct us in our establishing school expectations, our approach of ongoing teaching, our goal of reaching all students, and turning to data to prioritize resources.  Critical evaluation of our work in these areas is conducted daily and will lead to additional professional development.

Please click on this link to view Thoreau's entire Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program